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Well-received Love Pick-up Service Three Year In A Roll

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Volunteers guided students to the car

Party Secretary Gu Zhengqi drove his own car to send students back to school

 President Long Xianzhong helped students with their luggage

Vice President Liu Chunhui drove students back to school

Teachers drove students back to school

February 24th was the day when HUAS students returned to school. Many students came back to Changde from their hometown on this day and started a new year of acquiring knowledge.

"Hello, students from HUAS please go this way, there will be some teachers driving you to school!” The familiar scenarios appeared once again in front of Liu who just walked his way out of the train station. Liu followed the guide and got into the "Caring Car" with the other two schoolmates. After that, teachers drove them to school.

HUASParty Secretary Gu Zhengqi, HUAS President Long Xianzhong and Vice President Liu Chunhui also took time out of their busy schedules to drive students to school. A girl from Changsha told us excitedly: "This is my first time to sit in the car driven by Secretary Gu. I didn't expect he came to pick me up in person despite his busy schedule!" She couldn't wait to share the story with her roommates: "I was quite nervous at the beginning, but Secretary Gu was quite easy-going and hospitable, which made me feel warm and closed.”

Zhao Jing, who majored in marketing, took a long train journey from Liaoning to Changde. She was very tired when she dragged her luggage and walked out of the station. But once she saw the sign of HUAS, her eyes lit up immediately. "At first I thought it was the service only for first year students but I was wrong!" After sitting in the teacher's car, Zhao Jing said: "I felt really warm." As a student from other province, she found the feeling of being home in HUAS.

A boy who sat in the car driven by President Long said cheerfully: "This is the third time for me to go back to school in the private car driven by HUAS teachers!"

This was the third consecutive year that HUAS teachers took part in the “love pick-up service”. For three years, HUAS teachers had driven their own cars to the train station orderly under the organization of the School Union and Students Affair Office to send the students back to school. According to the statistics from Students Affair Office, there are more than 130 faculty members driving their cars and nearly 500 students was picked up by these “caring cars”. In order to ensure the safe and order, Students Affair Office not only carefully planned the activities, but also imposed strict requirements on the conditions of the private cars participating in the activities and the experience of the drivers.

Mr. Zhang, who had been busy at the scene, told the reporter: “there are still teachers to pick up students after 6 pm. Many teachers take time to participate in the activities temporarily without leaving their names. Some teachers even asked their own family members to pick up the students."

Secretary Gu spoke highly of the activity and expressed his gratitude to the faculty members and volunteers who made their own contribution. He said that focusing on students demand had always been the most important concept for HUAS. The cultivation of talents on campus requires not only extensive cultural knowledge, but also noble morality, sound mentality and comprehensive abilities. The school would carry out similar activities in the future. He also suggested that in the future, "love pick-up service" would also expand the scope to benefit more students.

President Long said that through the activity, students were able to feel love and learn to be grateful. In recent years, the school had also organized some “lunch meetings” between school officials and students and "face-to-face conversations” between teachers and students. He hoped that these activities could really help students, and everyone could pass on this kind of love in society.