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HUAS Commendation Ceremony for 34th Teachers’ Day

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On the afternoon of September 10th, HUAS celebrated the 34th Teachers’ Day and Commendation Ceremony was held in the Art Center. HUAS Party Secretary General Gu Zhengqi and HUAS President Long Xianzhong delivered a speech at the ceremony. HUAS Party Deputy Secretary Gong Weiming announced the list of commendation. HUAS Vice President Li Hongge hosted the ceremony. Li Daping, Guo Guoqiang, Liu Chunhui, Dai Jun and Qi Heng attended the ceremony alongside more than 1,300 faculty members.

The ceremony was opened in the majestic national anthem. At the start of the ceremony, HUAS Party Deputy Secretary Gong Weiming announced the HUAS Cementation Decision. Ten colleges won the prize of 2017 Outstanding Organizations. Liu Liangguo, Zhou Yong and other three teachers won the prize of Outstanding Teachers. James won the prize of Outstanding Foreign Teachers. Huang Xiaobing, Wang Rixing and other five teachers won the prize of Outstanding Scientific Researchers. Wang Jing, Huang Qin and other twelve teachers won the prize of 2017 Outstanding Teaching Quality Award. Five colleges won the prize of 2017 Outstanding Colleges on Graduate Employment. All the winners were received their prizes on the stage.

At the ceremony, the representative of Outstanding Teacher Zhou Yong from the Literature and History College and the representative of Outstanding Scientific Researcher Zhang Xiangyang from Chemistry and Material College, Mr. Zhang gave a warm speech. They had shown their dedication to the cause of education by sharing with audience their own stories of how to strive to be a qualified teacher at HUAS. They advocated all the teaching staff to adhere to their belief, and to keep in mind their purpose, to take their responsibilities and to contribute their wisdom and for the mission of education.

President Long Xianzhong made a keynote speech titledInheriting the Spirit of HUAS and Devoting Ourselves to the Students. On behalf of the school, he expressed his sincere greetings to all the faculty members who worked tirelessly in various positions and paid a tribute to all the retired teachers. He pointed out that in recent years, the school had stuck to the direction of socialist education and undergone a comprehensive reform. Under the joint efforts of all the teachers and students, the quality of teaching, the strength of scientific research and the wage for teachers had all improved.He emphasized that the theme for Teacher's Day this year isPromoting Morality and Concentrating on Virtues. To be a good teacher, we must handle four types of relationship: First, we must deal with the relationship between jobs and career. Second, we must cope with the relationship between intellectual education and moral education. Third, we must deal with the relationship between the teachers’ dignity and the daily behavior. Fourth, we must take care of the relationship between self-development and commitment. Teachers should have a sense of responsibility and dedication.

HUASParty Secretary General Gu Zhengqi delivered an important speech titledHow to Be a Good Teacher in the New Era. He pointed out that teachers played a significant role in education. For a long time, HUAS party committee attached great importance to the personal development of teachers, which was also regarded as a strategic demand for school development. In order to meet the demand, HUAS had issued a series of good policies to attract more talented teachers and established a certain department to ensure the teachers’ rights. It was obvious that talented teachers were the pillars of the school and the key to success.

As for the development of teachers, Mr. Gu expressed several points: first of all, teachers should raise political awareness and hold firm beliefs on socialism. All the teachers must stand by socialism with Chinese characteristics in their work and remain loyal to the communist party and Chinese people in thought and action. Teachers should devoted themselves to cultivating a large number of qualified talents who would make great contributions to realizing the dream of national rejuvenation.

Secondly, teachersshould protect the traditional morals and teach students right from wrong.A good teacher should be knowledgeable, ethical, professional and pragmatic. Mr.Gu hoped that all the teachers could set moral examples for all the students and take their full responsibility.

Thirdly, teachers should take their responsibility to promote the development of the school. During the third HUAS Party Congress, the consensus had been reached that the priority for the school at the moment was to build a local, open and international university with nationwide first-class scientific research and technology. To achieve this goal, teachers needed to stand the historical opportunities and focus on improving the level of discipline, teaching and scientific research. They should spare no effort to realize the dream of the school.

Fourthly, teachers should love the students with all their hearts. Love is the soul of education. There would be no education without love. Mr. Gu hoped that the teachers would care for the students with sincerity and warmth. They should not only be the mentors of the students but the friends of the students as well. Students could also be benefited from the love education.

After the commendation ceremony, there are some wonderful performances from teachers and students including chorusWe are Communist Successors, dramaWhenever I Walked Through the Teacher Window, danceCharming Latin, and zither soloCup of Love, which displayed the deep affection between teachers and students.