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Military Expert Dai Xu Gave a Lecture on Sino-US Relations

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For the purpose of inheriting the red gene and unifying the army strength, on the morning of September 28th, the National Defense Education Lecture was held at the Art Center of HUAS. Dai Xu, a well-known military expert and professor from National Defense University,

Prof. Dai Xu started his speech by introducing the news of US trade ban on ZTE. From historical, global and strategic perspectives, Mr.Dai Xu systematically introduced the major contradictions and hot issues in the world today, especially the Sino-US relations that everyone was most concerned about. He pointed out that we should learn from history, recognize the reality, and have the sense of emergency. In the meantime, we should always be wary of Trump's next hostile action against China. He hoped that all the Chinese people would get together to advance into a new era with a refreshing spirit and strive for the realization of Chines dream under the leadership of President Xi Jingping. The lecture was analytical and well-organized which received a round of warm applause from the audience.

The National Defense Education Lecture was hosted jointly by Changde City Social Science Federation, Changde City National Defense Education Association, Hunan Shixintang Wine Corporation, and Hunan University of Arts and Science.