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The Third Polish Art Circle - China Tour in HUAS

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On November 27th, HUAS Music Hall was full of audience who enjoyed the beautiful melodies from the piano. The world-renowned Polish pianistGrzegorz Niemczuk gave the audience a performance that brought them into a nostalgic and poetic atmosphere.

At the concert,Niemczuk played the Etude C major in No. 10, Nocturnal C in Minor 48, the Nocturne in C, and the Polish dance in A major. The famous pianist from Chopin’s homeland took a role as the music messenger who expressed his passion and admiration for Poland.

This special piano concert is an important part of the 3rd Polish Art Circle – China Tour”. In a speech at the concert, the Chairman of the Polish Art Circle Foundation, Woyichehe Mayevski said that although Poland and China were far apart, the relationship between the two countries was close. Just like Chinese, Polish people also paid a lot of attention to art and regarded it as a universal language transcending different cultures to touch the heart of the people all over the world. He hoped that through the cultural and artistic communication between China and Poland, the two countries would build a closer relationship and the friendship between the two countries would last forever. HUAS Party Secretary Gu Zhengqi, HUAS Organization Department Director Dai Jun, Hunan Provincial Performing Arts Group Marketing Department Director Xiong Jun and other 400 teachers and students enjoyed the music performance.

From November 26th to 28th, the delegation of Polish Culture Circle – China Tour came to HUAS for a three-day cultural exchange which contained some lectures and music performances. On the afternoon of November 26th, the first lecture was held in the concert hall. The pianistGrzegorz Niemczuk talked with the teachers and students about the piano playing skills. He also gave some useful advice to the students on how to perform well on the stage. After the lecture, HUAS President Long Xianzhong andGrzegorz Niemczuk exchanged gifts with each other.

At 10 o'clock on the morning of November 27th, another cultural exchange seminar was held in classroom A308 of HUAS Art Building. During the seminar, Mr. Nemtchuk had a good communication with some piano teachers in HUAS on the piano teaching methods and techniques. HUAS music teacher Fan Hun played two Changde dialectic songs and send the score toGrzegorz Niemczuk as a gift. The pianist was very pleased to accept the gift and said that he would bring the scores to Poland so as to introduce Chinese culture to Polish people.

Polish Art Circle - China Tour was originated from the 2016-2019 China-Poland Cultural Cooperation Protocol which aimed at promoting the cultural exchange, deepening the mutual understanding and promote the cooperation of arts between the two countries. The 3rd Polish Art Circle - China Tour Hunan was co-sponsored by Hunan Performing Arts Group and Polish Art Circle Foundation. From November 2nd, a month-long art exchange event was held in Hunan, including the opening ceremony, pop concert, piano concert, jazz concert, Chinese culture lectures, academic exchange lectures, exhibition and so on.