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One More HUAS Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Education Program Approved

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According to theNotice of Ministry of Education on Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Education Programs in the First Half of 2018, the undergraduate education program of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation between HUAS and Colorado State University-Pueblo has been approved by the Ministry of Education. A total number of 22 programs have been approved nationwide, including 5 postgraduate programs and 17 undergraduate programs.

Chinese-foreign cooperative education has been an important way for Chinese universities to keep more internationalized in terms of school-running. In recent years, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Education Department of Hunan Province, HUAS has paid considerable attention to the Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs. Up to now, three Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs from HUAS have been approved. The other two are the undergraduate education program of Network Engineering with the University of Worcester and the undergraduate education program of Information Management and Information System with University of the Fraser Valley.

The approval of the program this time has considerable importance in extending the influence on the field of international education cooperation for HUAS. It demonstrate the achievements that have been made by HUAS in recent years and will definitely has a profound impact on the HUAS internationalization strategy and the applicable talents training.