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HUAS Production-Study-Research-Application Report (updated 2014.5)

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    Hunan University of Arts and science (HUAS) has always attached great importance to technological innovation and Production-Study-Research services, forming characteristics of HUAS in Production-Study-Research-Application.
I. 4 Provincial Discipline Base Platforms Open to and Serving the Outside World.
1. Aquatic Biological Resources Development & Utilization develops pearl peptide with GIVOE and approved by Dongting Lake Rim Aquatic Organisms Resources Conservation & Utilization: Academic Innovation Team of Ordinary Universities of Hunan Province.
2. Hunan Province Key Laboratory (Dongting Lake Rim Healthy Aquatic Farming & Processing) co-researches into Dongting blue crucian carp healthy breeding with Dahu Aquaculture Breeding Co., Ltd. and is included in the national Spark Program; co-constructs Hunan center with the national Freshwater Fisheries Engineering Technology Research Center; co-constructs HUAS- Dahu Aquaculture Breeding Co., Ltd., Academician Station, which has been covered by CCTV2, Science & Technology Daily, Guangming Daily, Sci-Tech Innovation & Brand Magazine, Hunan Daily. The lab has won the Seventh China Production-Study-Research Cooperation Innovation Award, the Eighth China Innovation & entrepreneurship award, YANG Pinhong, head of the lab, has wonTop 10 Outstanding Inventor of Hunan Province.
3. Hunan Province Key Laboratory (Optoelectronic Information Integration & Optical Manufacturing Technology) serving Southern China Hunan optoelectronics Co., Ltd. and the like.
A. 2009 - 2011, high shot instrument precision optical lens design, serving: Shenzhen Land Technology Co. Ltd.
B. 2011-, LED light field test for worm training base serving Yan Biological Engineering Co. Ltd.
C. 2011-2009, Body Photoelectric Detection & Positioning Serving Hunan Industrial Meat Machinery Co., Ltd.
D. 2009-, Optical Lens Design & Testing serving Southern China Hunan Optoelectronics (Group) Co., Ltd.
4. Purification and rejuvenation of Luxi glass pepper and research & development of Shimen Gold Leaf Co., Ltd.
Ii. Cooperation with Local Enterprises, Serving the Development of Changde
1. Co-hosting "ZJ116MAX Hoisting Tooling Equipment Design & Production" with Changde Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd. and HZYZ38, HZYZ38B hydraulic drill organ key parts machining process with Hunan Hengzhi Rock Drilling Technology Co., Ltd.
2. Co-hosting the aerial work platform GTBZ38(in mass production now) with Zoomlion Special Vehicle Company " Research & Development of Automatic Wheel Straight Boom Aerial Work Platform Series Products " with independent intellectual property rights.
3. Key Common Technology Research, Development and Industrialization of High-End Knitting Machinery Industry is listed in 2013 Hunan Province Annual Science & Technology Major Projects.
4. Developing eco-pig farm management and the Chinese herbal medicine additive in pig production with Hunan Huisheng Meat Industry Co., Ltd. Providing technical consultation for 38 joint companies with the output value of 240000000 yuan.
5. Undertaking "The Rural Collective Land Ownership Information Base of Changde City Level”, “Taohuayuan Tourism Management Area Land Consolidation Planning (2011-2020)", "Taoyuan County Catogery II Forestry Resource Survey Database”, "Shimen County Catogery II Forestry Resource Survey Database”.
6. Developing "Distributed Broadcast Monitoring System Based on GSM” with Dehai Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Xidongting Food Industrial Parkin 2013.
7. Developing "Flood Disaster Prevention Broadcast Distribution System" with Dehai Communication Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Xidongting Food Industrial Parkin 2013.
8. Upgrading Changde Wantong Cable Communications Company's Automatic Command Telephone System Software of Wuling Industrial Park.
9. Developing Ceramic Nano Efficient Energy-Saving Lamp Power Supply System with Changde Light Energy Technology Co. Ltd of Deshan High-tech Development Zone.
10. Lithium Ion Battery Electrode Materials with LYRUN of Deshan High-tech Development Zone (Production-Study-Research Special Project) winning Changde Science & Technology Progress Award and the third prize of Hunan Science & Technology Progress Award.
11. Developing Water-based Environmental Protection Textile Warp Size with Changde Yunjin Group (Production-Study-Research Special Project)
12. Research into Caprolactam Polymerization Conversion (Production-Study-Research Special Project) with Changde Jinbo Chemical Fibre Company.
13. Research into Deep Processing & Comprehensive Utilization of Camellia Cakes with Jinjian Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd. (2010 Production-Study-Research Special Project)
14. Developing waterproof materials with Jiexin New Material Industrial Co., Ltd. and participating in the formulation of the national standards concerned.
15. Developing High Strength Medical Gypsum with Linli Dingchun New Building Materials Sci-Tech Co., Ltd.
16. Research into Alkali Recovery Technology with Jinshi Shirley Paper Co. Ltd.
17. Research into the Improvement of Industrial Production Technology of Polymer Materials with Hanshou Hi-tech.
18. Establishing training bases in Changde TV, Hunan Huafu Hi-tech Co. Ltd., Hunan Sansheng Photoelectric Co. Ltd., Changde Light Energy Hi-Tech Co. Ltd., Changde Zhenenghe Sci-Tech Co. Ltd., Hunan Aotaike Technology Co. Ltd., Hunan Southern China Electric (Group) Co. Ltd., Linli Dingchun New Building Materials Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., Changde Lyrun new material Co., Ltd., Dongting pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hunan Tak Communications Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Hunan Runpu Technology Development Co. Ltd., Hunan JSA Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Changde Light Energy Co., Ltd. Hunan Liwei Zhongtian Sci-Tech Co. Ltd.
III. Transfer & Transformation of Scientific & Technological Achievements
1. 2009-2011, Three-point Hemp Electric Pig Stunner, Slaughtering Segmentation Line Control System and The Circular Line Control System co-developed with Hunan Industrial Meat Machinery Co., Ltd. operating well in the pig slaughterhouses in Shihezi, Mianzhu, Peng'an, Dongying, Rongchang with the output increased value of tens of millions of yuan.
2. 2011-2012, The Infrared View Mirror Project under the joint project of Infrared Detection Device Production Line Expansion with an Annual Output of 1500 with Huanan Photoelectric (Group) Co., Ltd. was funded 600000 yuan by Hunan Provincial Development & Reform Commission and completed 1500 products processing orders in 2012 with the total production value of 30 million yuan.
3. 120 series aiming devices was produced by Hunan South China Photoelectric Co., Ltd. and in 2012 completed the processing of 100 orders of the linked sets of products, with the total production value of more than 45 million yuan.
4. The joint research project of "The Development and Application of High Stability Mechanical & Electrical Fusion Type Servo Control System Key Technology " is listed in Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Key Projects, with 1.5 million yuan funds to the account.
5. Scenic-Spots GPS Safe Driving and Automatic Station Reporting System has been accepted and put into operation in Zhangjiajie Yichengtianxia Environment-Friendly Passenger Transport Co. Ltd. and is preparing for the provincial identification, applying for the award of science and technology achievements.
IV. Pioneering Work
Pro. WEN Huijun founded Hunan Hengzhi Rock Drilling Technology Co., Ltd. with Professor LUO Youxin as the chief engineer and Dean of Drilling Machinery Research Institute, Russian International Academy of Engineering, director of China University of Geosciences Drilling Machinery Research Institute and supported by the professors and graduates of HUAS. As the first “industrialization demonstration base of Production-Study-Research in HUAS”, "Students Innovation Base", " Production-Study-Research Demonstration Base" of HUAS, Hunan Hengzhi Rock Drilling Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in drilling machinery R & D, production and sales. Since 2011, the company has been a good example of university Production-Study-Research-Application with 92 national patents applied for, having successfully developed a full range of 13 kinds of products of three series of surface drilling jumbo, drill hole submersible vehicles, full hydraulic drill cars: HZCL90, HZCL90A, HZCL90B, HZCL90C, HZCLY115, HZCLY90, HZCLY115A, HZCLY115B, HZCLY115C HZCLQ120, HZCLQ120A, HZCLQ120B and HZCLQ140. As the ISO9001 quality management system certification unit, the National Standard Setting Unit for Full Hydraulic Drilling and Tunneling, the company was listed as Changde Intellectual Property Model Enterprise and approved as the National High-Tech Enterprises in 2011, and in 2012 as Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Model Fostering Enterprises and identified as the National Key High-Tech Enterprises in 2012. Hunan Heng to Drilling Technology Co., Ltd. has establish a friendly and cooperative partnership with the Russian Academy of Engineering, the world first hydraulic drilling machine R & D unit -- France MONTERBERT Company.
    With 17 EI papers Published, the company has been supported by 2 national innovation funds, 1 national small and medium enterprise development projects, 3 provincial science and technology department projects, 3 Changde Production-Study-Research major projects.
    In 2012, Wen Huijun, chairman of the board was identified as innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent by the Ministry of Science and Technology of P. R. of China and in 2013 selected in the national “Ten-Thousand Figure Plan".