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HUAS 17th Track & Field Sports Meet Kicking off [2016/10/26]
First Prize for HUAS in Hunan Provincial College Student Party Building Studies [2016/06/29]
Departure Ceremony for 5th “Traveling across Taiwan Strait • Embracing Riyuetan [2016/06/21]
Gold Medal for HUAS in Hunan Provincial University Entrepreneurship Contest [2016/05/27]
HUAS Mechanical Students Qualified for Cnrobocon Finals [2016/05/12]
Insurance [2015/07/28]
Medical Service [2015/07/28]
Postal Service [2015/07/28]
Catering Service [2015/07/28]
Introduction to Campus Culture Extracurricular Activities [2015/07/28]
Introduction to HUAS News Network [2015/07/28]
Introduction to HUAS TV Station [2015/07/28]
Introduction to HUAS Newspaper [2015/07/28]
Introduction to HUAS Broadcasting Station [2015/07/28]
Overview of Student Associations [2015/07/28]
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